Our API uses the latest HTTP web standards to allow you to easily integrate our platform into your own website or application. It has been built by developers, for developers. Our API is stable and has been thoroughly tested to prevent all possible outcomes. Our users have proven this by always giving us great feedback and rarely needing support as it just works. Currently we are offering PHP code examples - with more to follow. Code examples can be found on each section.

Getting Started

Some of our most popular API calls

Send SMS

Send an SMS to one or multiple recipients. You can add a reference to messages and also schedule when the message will be sent

Get a Delivery Report

Get a list of delivery reports for the recent messages you have sent. These can be filtered by date for more accuracy

Add a Contact

Add a single or multiple contacts to a contact list so they can be contacted again later without remembering their details

Here are some reasons why we believe you should use our API:

Bespoke Solutions

We’re happy to work with you so we can provide you with what you need when using our services - and our turnaround is fast! We can personally work with you and discuss how you’d like to be able to use our API for your project and we will then work with our developers to get this new functionality live for you to use. One example of this was our Quiet Times feature, which was a customer request and we worked with them to get this integrated into our platform.

Quiet Times

This feature allows you to set up a time frame so that your application does not send messages at unsolicited times. Example: from: 20:00 to: 06:00 - messages sent after 20:00 will not actually be delivered to the recipient until 06:00.


We’re focused on security and all our API calls use the HTTPS protocol so you can be safe knowing your actions between your site and ours is secure.

Modules and Extensions

We have teamed up with Zapier to allow you to automate your application even further, without having to write a single line of code! More Info..

We have extensions for the very popular Magento 2 application. Simply downloading the extension and adding your credentials will allow you to send SMS via your store using our platform More Info…