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Monthly Archives: March 2014

How SMS Text Messaging Marketing Can Increase Sales
March 17, 2014
We have been in this business for three years and have come across every type of Bulk SMS Marketing strategy, all having a variance in their levels of success. As technology keeps improving, more and more methods and strategies will keep popping up. Talking about today’s marketing strategies; there is one method that helps you to market your product to your targeted customers. Your customers can be literally thousands. Yes, SMS online marketing is the method that we are talking about. .... read more

Top Tips For A Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS is a great tool of communication which companies shouldn’t be missing out on in their marketing campaign. It is a fact that SMS are read more than other ways of messaging. Text messages are read within an average of five seconds. SMS marketing has spread like fire and everyone is taking great advantage of this. If you still haven’t taken benefits from Bulk SMS by including it in your marketing strategy you are far behind your competitors. Effective text marketing campaigns get you very quick response from your target audience. .... read more