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Monthly Archives: June 2016

SMS: The 25-year-old ‘New’ customer service tool
June 10, 2016
British Airways, Zendesk, Birchbox, Southwest Airlines. What do they all have in common? As well as being customer satisfaction pioneers, all have recently instigated SMS as a dedicated customer service channel. I’ll repeat that: SMS as a dedicated customer service channel. Not one-way marketing broadcasts, but two-way conversations with a live agent. Why are these […].... read more

VoodooSMS goes to the Opera
June 2, 2016
London’s Tate Modern recently played host to a new and unique opera – all thanks to VoodooSMS. In stark contrast to the sweeping strings of Puccini, or the rousing horns of Wagner, this quintessentially 21st Century opera was performed exclusively with that most modern of ‘instrument’: The mobile phone. Opera by SMS is the brainchild […].... read more