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Category Archives: Front End Blog Posts

Benefits Of Text Messaging VS Traditional Marketing
February 17, 2014
Establishing a small business is difficult, but marketing a small business can be even more challenging. There’s a lot of pressure on small businesses to decide where to allocate its budget each month. New marketing strategies are often what businesses look for but is there anything that your business is overlooking when it comes to marketing? Sending Bulk SMS is what your business can’t afford to overlook.
Here’s a comparison of text message marketing and other marketing methods usually used by businesses: .... read more

Why Use Mobile Marketing For Your Business
January 17, 2014
You may have the best business in the world but without marketing, it doesn’t stand a chance. It is a fact that everybody uses mobiles today, so for that reason, mobile marketing is an import factor to consider to boost your business, and to retain customers. .... read more