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How SMS Text Messaging Marketing Can Increase Sales
March 17, 2014

Given below are some facts which assure increase in sales with text message marketing. These are the business texting facts that show how important it is to make efficient use of BULK SMS Messaging strategy for a business or brand.

Use of business texting

Percentage of people making use

People sending business text messages on a daily basis from mobiles.


People receiving business text messages from a member of their team/department or office.


People receiving business text messages from a colleague.


People receiving business text messages from a customer.


People using business texts for setting reminders of meetings and appointments.


People who used business texts for notifying people about new meetings and appointments.


People using business texts for chasing up new suppliers or orders.


People receiving text messages from suppliers.


This table clearly shows the amount of people that are receiving good business from using SMS marketing.. What is stopping you? It’s high time to plan an SMS online marketing strategy unless you want to be left way behind your competitors. Keep these points in mind if you are looking for increase sales with text message marketing.

  • Text your customers after the sale thanking them and assuring them that they have made the right choice buying from you. Customers like it when you follow up your sales.
  • Text one-time clients. If they had had a good experience with you the first time they may come back and you can gain more sales.
  • ·Text response is another important point. Make sure that you allow people to respond by texting.
  • Keep your customers properly informed about their orders after placement. Customers like being informed when the payment has been taken and when the order has been dispatched.
  • You can start a text club allowing customers to type a keyword to know about the special offers from you by text.

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