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    What does it cost...

    Rebrand our platform as your own

    We understand that cost is a significant factor when a reseller is considering which white label to choose. Even a small variation in price will impact on profit margins. There is the monthly fee to consider, and the price of each credit.

    This is why we offer the lowest price we possibly can for resellers. The initial £250 payment for setup of our white label portal is done at cost to us; it simply covers our time taken for design, development and integration time to ensure you have a portal with your own livery and branding. If you don’t require your own branding, then there is no set-up fee.

    We don’t sell fresh air either; other SMS providers will charge a monthly fee for the use of their technology, whether you buy credits from them or not. Not us. We only require the guarantee that you will buy 20,000 credits every month. And at a super-low purchase price of 2.5p per credit, you can add a significant margin and still be cheaper than anyone in the marketplace!

    We believe this offers unbeatable value, given the feature-rich platform that you will have FULL access to. Every time we add a new feature to our platform, your platform will also be updated with that feature. You are free to negotiate prices directly with your clients, and add a valuable revenue stream to your existing business. The portal you will receive will bear no trace of Voodoo SMS branding. As far as your customers are concerned, the portal is entirely yours.

    Credits purchased for a reseller site are non-refundable.

    Setup Fee


    (whitelabel portal)

    Monthly Fee

    monthly fee!*

    Wholesale SMS Costs


    per SMS credit

    *Based on a requirement to purchase a minimum of 20,000 credits from us per month over a 12-month period.

    Our talented, dedicated team will invest time in understanding your business and customers. Then, together, we can devise a plan to add value to your customer base and increase your profits.

    To find out more about our reseller scheme, complete the form or call our team on