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Our new API is live!

Our new API is now available to use. We have improved the methods that you are familiar with, offering you a clearer understanding of what each property can do and a more detailed response from each call.

The old API is still fully functioning and support for this will not end.

We are also introducing API Keys which are used to access the API methods and improve the security around using the API.

Click here to see the new Developer page.

Click here to read our new Developer Documentation.


The following values should be used for the various responses on the API:

Value Description Reasons for errors
400 Bad request This can occur when the API is called without the required fields present. If the country code 'cc' parameter is not used, the number format can also be an issue. Numbers must be in E.164 format – [cc]+[number] e.g. 447700900000. Incorrect formatting examples would be +447700900000 or 00447700900000 etc.
401 Unauthorized If the account does not exist, the request has come from an invalid IP address or has been disabled to use the API. Please log into https://www.vooodooSMS.com/portal and click ‘Send SMS > API Management’ to verify the credentials or create new.
402 Not enough credit If the account does not have enough credits to send a message. Log into the portal at https://www.vooodooSMS.com/portal to add more credits.
403 Forbidden If the destination number is not permitted. By default the allowed country list is set to UK mobile only (447). Please contact your account manager or email support@voodooSMS.com to enable additional destinations.
406 Not Acceptable When using the sd parameter then the date/time must be set more than 120 seconds in the future.
488 Not Acceptable This will be returned if the sender ID or the body contains a banned word, please contact your account manager to discuss any issues with banned words.
513 Message too Large If the body of the message is too long. 1 SMS/Credit is 160 characters. The maximum permitted SMS length is 918 characters; that would use 6 SMS credits
200 OK A positive response confirming that the message has been created.