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Delivery States

When you receive a delivery receipt you get a status and optionally a detail code.

Status Description Common Causes
Delivered Your message has been sent to the receiver and we have received a delivery report Your message has successfully been delivered
Pending Your message has been sent but we have not received a response from the operator When a message is pending it means we are awaiting a delivery report from the operator
Failed Your message has failed to sent to the recipient A message can fail if there are issues with the operator of the receiver. It could also be because the receivers phone is turned off or they have roaming turned on. A message is stored and retried for 48 hours before the message is removed.
Rejected The operator has rejected the message and will not send it to the receiver An operator will take rules and regulations under consideration when it comes to sending messages to the receiver. This can be common when sending to international numbers as different countries have different laws on message sending.