Contact Management

Contact Management

Handle opt-outs

Sometimes, your customers may ask to opt-out of your service. At VOODOO SMS, we add these contacts to a ‘Blacklist’. You can manually add contacts to your Blacklist by viewing your contact and clicking the ‘Blacklist contact’ option under the actions to the right of your contact. Or, you can manually add a contact to your Blacklist by entering the phone number into this window: You find this by clicking: 1. ‘Contacts’ > Blacklist on the left side of your dashboard. 2. Click ‘+ Add Numb

Transfer contacts between groups

If you would like to transfer a contact list or an individual contact to another list, follow these simple steps. 1. Click ‘Contacts’ on the left side of your dashboard. 2. Under the ‘Action’ heading of the contact list you would wish to transfer, click the eye symbol to view the contacts. 3.  Click the tick-box of the contacts you would like to transfer and the options above the contacts will become available. 4.  Click ‘Move to Contact List’ and the window below will appear. Click t

Create New Simple List (Static)

This article explains how to upload a simple list of numbers to the platform via file.

Create New Dynamic Contact List

This article covers creating a contact list with custom fields that enable you to personalise your text messages.

Create New Contact List Using Copy/Paste

This article explains how to create a contact list and copy and paste your contracts into that list.

Add a Contact to Multiple Lists

This knowledge base article covers how to add an individual contact to more than one contact list within your VOODOO SMS account.

Edit Contact Lists

This article covers editing contact lists and numbers within them.

Contact Manager

This article shows how to use the contact manager to report on individual numbers.


This article describes how to use, update and edit your blacklist and manage your unsubscribers.


This article explains how to use the nicknames feature to identify which contact you are communicating with.