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Add a Contact to Multiple Lists

Add a Contact to Multiple Lists

There are two methods to add a number to multiple contact lists, the first is to create a new list and have the contact added to that list and other pre-existing lists. The other is to add the contact to a pre-existing list and to other lists you have already created.

It is worth noting that you cannot add to Multiple Lists manually and not via file.

To create a new list and add to pre-existing lists, head to the Contact Lists section under 'Contacts'

Click on the “Create New Contact List” button to create a new list.

Once here, you can name your contact list. This is for your reference only and your recipients won’t be able to see it. You can include a description but it is not required.

Don’t forget to set your default country code if sending internationally. If you would like to enable any international routes, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Select the “Multiple Contact Lists” option.

In the pop-up, type in the number you want to add and then select the pre-existing lists you want to add it too as well.

Make sure that after you type in the number, you click on the “+” button so that it appears in the box. You can add multiple numbers.

Once finished, click on submit and you will be redirected to your new list and your contacts will also be added to the lists you selected.

You can create a Web SMS from here. For more information on sending a Web SMS, see our article here.

To add a number to a pre-existing list and other lists, see our article on editing contact lists here.

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