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Contact Manager

The Contact Manager is a really good tool for checking the stats of an individual number. Head to the contact manager module here.

To begin, search for an individual contact number in the search box.

For example, this demo number can be found in 1 contact list, and has been sent 2 messages. The contact has not sent any inbound messages.

To view in further detail, click on the “Show” button to expand the box.

For contact lists, you can view the contact lists the number appears in and take actions to disable the contact or delete from all lists.

To view the messages that the contact has been sent, you can expand the box. Here you can search if there are a lot of messages and there is the option to download these as a CSV.

To view inbound messages, click on show. Here you will be able to reply to any inbound messages from your contact.

If you have any further questions about Contact Manager, get in touch with the team today.

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