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Edit Contact Lists

Edit Contact Lists

To edit a contact list, head to the Contact Lists section here.

In the “Action” column click on the “View Contacts” icon to view the list.

Here, you can view the contacts that you have already uploaded.

To add to the contact list, click on “Add Contacts” in the top left corner to upload via file or add manually. For further info on the steps in uploading contacts via file, please see our articles on creating dynamic and static lists here

Here you can also manually add a contact to this and other lists by selecting the “Multiple Lists” option.

You can download your contact list by clicking on the “Report Request - Contacts” button. Depending on the size of your list, this will either download in your browser or you will be emailed the file to your registered email address.

You can create a Web SMS from this list also. This will link to the Web SMS page. For more information on sending a Web SMS, see our Web SMS article here.

To edit the name of the list, or to add new custom fields, click on the “Contact List Detail” button.

Click on “submit” to save any changes.

You can remove numbers via file if needed, by clicking on the “remove via file” icon. You can upload a file containing the numbers you want to remove here.

To delete the list, you can click on the “Delete this contact list” icon. Your contact list will be archived for 30 days before it is fully deleted, in case you need us to recover it.

You can use the filters at the top of the list to search in your contact list. You can search between dates, by the status of the contact (i.e if it is blacklisted, active, disabled etc) and for keywords in your custom fields.

You can see info in relation to the individual contacts also. For example, you can select the “Report” icon in the action column to view what lists the number exists in, how many messages you have sent to that number and how many messages you have received from that number. You can click on the “Show” buttons for more info.

For more info on the Contact Manager module, see the article here.

You can disable a contact in that particular list by clicking on the “Disable” icon in the action column. This will mean that if you select to send a Web SMS from this list, this number will not receive the message. This does not disable the list in your other lists.

You can edit the number and any custom fields you have uploaded by clicking on the “Edit Contact” icon in the action column and changing the fields in the pop-up.

To blacklist an individual contact, click on the “Blacklist Contact” icon. This will add the number to your blacklist so you are unable to send a message to this contact via any method or via any list. For more information on your blacklist, see the blacklist article here.

To delete an individual contact off the list, click on the “delete contact” icon. This will only remove this contact from that particular list.

If you need any assistance with editing your contact lists or uploading new ones, see our other articles from the Contacts collection. Alternatively, get in touch with our team today.

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