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Handle opt-outs

Handle opt-outs

Sometimes, your customers may ask to opt-out of your service. At VOODOO SMS, we add these contacts to a ‘Blacklist’.

You can manually add contacts to your Blacklist by viewing your contact and clicking the ‘Blacklist contact’ option under the actions to the right of your contact.

Or, you can manually add a contact to your Blacklist by entering the phone number into this window:

You find this by clicking:

  1. ‘Contacts’ > Blacklist on the left side of your dashboard.
  2. Click ‘+ Add Number to Blacklist’.

You will then be presented with the above option of entering the number manually. Simply click ‘Submit’ for the contact to be added to your Blacklist.

Any recipients that follow one of the three VOODOO SMS opt-out options that you have included in your campaign will automatically be added to the blacklist.

To blacklist a file of contacts that you already maintain on your system, choose ‘Upload File for Blacklist’.

You will then be presented with a window where you can upload a file of contacts to be placed on your ‘Blacklist’. Click ‘Upload’ when you have selected your file.

To reverse an individual contact being placed on your Blacklist, you can click ‘Remove this blacklist number’ under the actions column on the right of the contact.

However, if you already have a file of contacts saved that you wish to remove from your Blacklist, click ‘Upload File For Un-Blacklist’. As above, add your selected file and simply click upload. These contacts will then be removed from your contacts.

Your customers can also have the option to ‘opt-out’ through your SMS messages. Their contact number will then automatically be placed on your Blacklist. For further information on how to add an opt-out into an SMS, click here.

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