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Nicknames can be used in conjunction with Inbound SMS and Chat SMS to identify you are speaking to. You can view more info about Inbound SMS and Chat SMS in the respective articles.

Head to the 'Nicknames' module here.

To upload a list of nicknames, you will need a list of names and numbers saved in a file. This should look something like this:

(Make sure you put a title for the column in row 1)

Save this to your PC for uploading.

In the Nicknames module, select “Upload via File”

Then select the file from your PC.

Once the file is uploaded, you will need to match the columns.

The number column will be auto-matched, but select the name of your nicknames column from the dropdown. In this example, the column with the nicknames in is titled “Name” so you would select “Name” from the dropdown.

When you click on Finish, the nicknames will be added to the nicknames list.

You can also add nicknames manually by clicking on the “Add Manually” button.

Simply fill in the number and name in the pop-up to add the number.

To amend or delete the nicknames you have added, use the icons in the “Action” column.

If you need any further help with the Nicknames module, please get in touch with the team today.

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