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Transfer contacts between groups

Transfer contacts between groups

If you would like to transfer a contact list or an individual contact to another list, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click ‘Contacts’ on the left side of your dashboard.
  2. Under the ‘Action’ heading of the contact list you would wish to transfer, click the eye symbol to view the contacts.

3.  Click the tick-box of the contacts you would like to transfer and the options above the contacts will become available.

4.  Click ‘Move to Contact List’ and the window below will appear. Click the ‘+’ to reveal the drop-down selection of your contact lists.

5.  Choose the contact list you wish to transfer your selected contact/list to. Click confirm and your contact or contact list will be transferred.

If you are transferring contacts with dynamic fields, both lists must have the same column titles for the contact to be transferred exactly.

E.g. A contact with a ‘Forename’ and ‘Surname’ can not be placed into a contact list with ‘Date of Birth’ as a title.

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