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API Settings

API Settings

Our API enables you to send SMS via our platform from your own website, application or platform.

You can find our API documentation here.

To find your API settings from your dashboard first go to Send SMS >API SMS

Here you can see you API username and other settings ( note: these are different from your VOODOO login credentials)

By clicking on the “Create New API Key” button, you can create a new API credential and activate any advanced features you may wish to use as shown below:

Advanced Features

Default Country Code: This will send your SMS by default to this country.

Quiet Times: These allow you to set-up specific times where SMS will NOT be sent. i.e. if you choose 08:00-20:00 then SMS will not be sent during these times.

IP Address Security: You can set a fixed IP per API so only messages sent from a server on that IP can be authenticated. It will fail otherwise.

Truncate SenderID: By default, a Sender ID is 11 characters long. Turning this on prevents a Sender ID from going over the allowed character limit - avoiding errors.

Auto Remove Invalid Characters: We only allow a specific character set when sending SMS and we can strip out unwanted characters so you do not receive any errors and your SMS goes through at all times.

These settings can be changed on a current API by clicking on the pencil button in the actions bar.

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