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How-to Get Your API Key

How-to Get Your API Key

The API key can be generated on the portal in  Send SMS>API SMS>RESTful API

The next step will be clicking on the Create New API Key button. A pop-up will appear asking for the following details:

You can supply a name for the API which, for example, could act as a reference if you were to give multiple keys to your staff.


Read-write means that the API can use used with all available methods.
Read-only means the API can only be used with GET methods.

After clicking Create you'll be presented with another pop-up which shows your API key.

Please treat the API as if it was your password and do not share it.

Once you have clicked "I have copied this key" then you will never be able to see your API key again, and it will not be able to be retrieved for you, so please make sure you keep your keys is a safe and secure place.

Disabling an API Key

You can either disable or delete your API key. Either method means you cannot use the API again, ever.

The differences are that if you only disable the key, it will keep the key in the logs for you to see.

Deleting the API key means you can no longer use the API, and it will not be visible in your logs.

Now you are free to use our API to integrate it into your own application.

To get started, view our API Documentation and start creating!

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