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The WebSMS API allows you to send a WebSMS campaign using a Contact List that is hosted by yourself.

Before starting this process please ensure that you have access to your own server in which your files are hosted.

On the left-hand navigation bar click on  Send SMS>API SMS and select WebSMS via API tab:

WebSMS via API requires an SFTP location to collect the file which will be used to generate the contact list.

Add a new SFTP location

Click the +SFTP button and fill in the following information:

Name: An identifier for this server.

IP/Domain: The IP or Domain name for your server.

Port: Defaults to 22, but can be changed

Username: The server Username.

Password: The server Password.

File Location: This is the location where the Contact Lists will be stored. The path must be the full server path to the folder This must end with a trailing slash (e.g. ‘/path/to/file/’)

We will try to establish a connection to the server to see that we can access it. If we can, you'll be greeted with a confirmation informing you. Otherwise, you'll be notified that we cannot gain access.


If you cannot get connected to your server, it is likely permissions related. Please make sure the Username has permissions and the folder has the correct read/write permissions.

Once this is set up, you can check the API code available in our API documentation.

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