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Navigation Menu Changes

Navigation Menu Changes

We have made some updates to the portal to simplify things. The new, decluttered portal has a simplified navigation bar and a few aesthetic alterations - Just a few tweaks to improve your user experience. Please see a guide to the changes below:


  • ‘Contact Lists’ renamed as ‘Contacts’.
  • ‘Nicknames’ is now permissions based, please contact us if you would like this feature.
  • ‘Contact Manager’ has been removed and renamed as ‘Contact Search’ under the ‘Reports’ section.

Send SMS

  • ‘Send SMS Overview’ now removed.
  • ‘Repeat Web SMS’ option moved under ‘Reports’ section.

Inbound SMS

  • No changes.

Short URL

  • Now found in ‘Settings > Short URL’.

All Messages

  • 'All Messages' is removed and now available within 'Reports > SMS Logs'.

Reports (Renamed from Reports Dashboard)

  • ‘SMS Logs’ is now the merged data from ‘Sent SMS’ and ‘All Messages’.
  • ‘Reports Overview’ renames to ‘Web SMS’.
  • ‘Repeat Web SMS’ moved in from ‘Send SMS’.
  • ‘Contact Search’ moved in ‘Contacts > Contact Manager’.

My Account

  • Now features sub options: Account, Balance & Users.

Settings (New Menu Option)

  • 'Portal Options' previously this was an option under 'Account > Portal Settings'.
  • 'Security' previously this was an option under 'Account'.
  • 'Sender ID Manager' previously called 'Sender IDs' within the 'Account' menu.
  • 'Short URL' this previously had it's own menu option.
  • 'Quiet Times' this was previously an option under 'Account'
  • 'Auto Forget Data' this was previously an option under 'Account'

Loyalty Scheme

  • Replaces 'Agent Report' - now includes 'Affiliate Scheme'.

Compliance Hub

  • No Changes.


  • Previously 'Help' - opens up the VOODOO Knowledge Base.


  • No Changes.

If you have any questions regarding the changes then please don't hesitate to contact the VOODOO team and we'll be more than happy to help.

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