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SMS Status Terminology

SMS Status Terminology

When you look in your SMS Logs, you will see that there is a column which shows the status of your messages. We’ve put together a useful guide to explain what these status updates mean.

Delivered: Your SMS has successfully been delivered to the handset.

Sent Awaiting Delivery: Your SMS is pending delivery, i.e. it has been sent to the networks, but it has not been delivered to the handset just yet. This could be because the handset has no signal, or is turned off.

Not Delivered: The SMS has failed to deliver, it has been sent through the networks but could not be delivered to the handset. This could be due to the handset is switched off.

Failed: Your SMS has failed to be delivered, this could be because the number is invalid or not in use.

Rejected: The SMS was accepted by the network, but then rejected. This could be due to a number of reasons, many of them technical. If you see a lot of these on your account, please contact the support team.

Expired: When an SMS is showing an expired delivery status, this means that the SMS has failed to deliver within the specified time. By default, SMS will attempt to deliver for 48 hours, unless the expiry time is set to a different value. Reasons for SMS to expire could be that the phone is switched off, or is out of network coverage.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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