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Using Unicode

Using Unicode

If you wish to spice up your campaigns by by adding Unicode messages, you can! There's nothing to enable, just start writing your campaigns and if we detect any Unicode characters, we'll let you know about it beforehand.

Here's some more questions you might have:

Can i use Emojis?

Yes! An emoji is technically just a Unicode character, but just rendered differently.

When composing your campaign, you can either add an Emoji yourself or use our handy Emoji Picker, which lists all of the ones you can use. You can see your most recent ones and even search for them if you need a specific one.

Just click the 🙂 button to see it

Does sending a Unicode character or Emoji cost more?

Using Unicode does affect your character count.

If you weren't to use Unicode, you would have a character limit of 160 characters per 1 SMS you wanted to send. If you did use a Unicode character, your character count would be reduced to 70 characters. You can find out my info why this happens here.

Don't worry though, we let you know if you are using a Unicode character and we adjust your campaign accordingly.

When we detect any Unicode in your message body, we tell you by showing a message, just informing you of the restrictions of using Unicode

Where can I use Unicode?

Unicode is available to use on our WebSMS and Quick WebSMS modules, as well as our API.

If you have any other questions about Unicode, just hit out Live Chat button and we'll let you know what you need to know.

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