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2FA Using SMS

2FA Using SMS

What is Two-factor authentication and why should I enable it?

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA as it is widely known) is an extra layer of security on top of your first login. Even if a malicious user was able to gain access to your account, they could still not progress further as they would have to input a 6 digit code which will only be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS.

How to enable 2FA

Navigate to Settings> Security

You'll be presented with these options:

Click the switch and this will enable 2FA, but it's still not configured.

You have two Authentication Methods to choose from. This guide assumes you want to use the SMS Authentication method. If you want to use the Google Authentication method, we have a guide on this too here

Choose SMS Authentication as you preferred authentication method and click Configure.

This will send an SMS to your registered mobile number with a 6 digit PIN code.

Insert the PIN and click Enable

Great, now 2FA is enabled on your account, but there is one more step to take.

Logout of VOODOO and then log back in, and you'll now be presented with a new option to insert a new PIN code:

Insert the PIN code that you will have received to your mobile phone via SMS into the input boxes and login.

It is recommended that you tick the box "Trust this browser..." as you then will not be prompted to insert a PIN each time you login.

You can also add a recognisable name for the machine you're accessing VOODOO on, for example:

Now you will be logged in again, and you can manage your devices under the Security section as mentioned above:

Congratulations, your account is now heavily secure with an extra layer of security.

If you're having any issues with the above, please contact us at or speak with us on our Live Chat.

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