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How to Purchase a VMN

How to Purchase a VMN

To receive messages to your VOODOO portal, you’ll need to have a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN). This is a mobile number built into your portal which people can reply to.

This guide is directed towards people using our new streamlined Inbound SMS purchasing system, which will give you step by step instruction on how to buy a new Virtual Mobile Number.

How to Buy a Virtual Mobile Number

Go to Inbound SMS > Numbers > New Number

A VMN will be assigned to you automatically. You will be able to view this after making the final purchase.


The cost for this is £10 + VAT per month. There are no setup fees and it's a rolling 30-day contract. You can cancel it at any point.


Here you can set-up your Direct Debit. Fill out the form with your bank details.

You must set-up a new Direct Debit for every VMN you wish to purchase.

When you submit this, the VMN will get set-up and you will be emailed your number along with payment information. You will also receive your Direct Debit details from our provider.

Your VMN will now be attached to your account and you can go to your Inbox and view it and set-up Actions or Keywords.

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