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Your inbox can be found here, under the 'inbound SMS' tab on your dashboard.

You can see all of your inbound SMS in your inbox and you are able to manage them and respond to them.

At the top you can see what Virtual Mobile Numbers, VMN keywords and/or 88440 keywords are assigned to your account. For more information on inbound SMS solutions please see the article here.

As you can see in the demo account, one VMN has been assigned. When a VMN is assigned, the keywords “stop”, “api”, “email” and “test” are all assigned to that VMN. For more information on keyword configurations, please see the article here.

Underneath, you can see all of your inbound messages in the table.

Use the filters along the top to search for specific messages. You can search by date received, the VMN it is received to, the number it was received from or words contained in the body of the message.

You can download your inbound SMS via CSV using the “download CSV” button at the end here.

You can select one or more messages and use the buttons along the top to quickly add to a contact list, send a Quick SMS, blacklist or delete.

To select all, tick the box at the top of the column.

You can use the buttons in the action column for take action on individual inbound messages.

You can send a Web SMS, add a nickname, view more information about the inbound number, or delete the message.

If you have any queries about the Inbox, please contact the team today.

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