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Short URL Report

Short URL Report

This article describes how to manage your Short URLs and view the reports. For more information on creating a short URL in the Web SMS section, click here.

To view your Short URLs, click on the Short URL module in the left hand navigation.

Here you can see all of the Short URLs you have created in the grid.

To create a new Short URL or Attachment, click on either of the “+” buttons in the top left and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

You can search for and filter your Short URLs using the filter options at the top of the grid.

Search by type of link or the Short URL name.

The information in the grid shows a quick overview of that short URL.

We can see in this example that date the short URL was created, if it is tracked or simple (method column), how many clicks and the date of the last click.

The action column in the far right allows you to manage your short URL. To test that the link is working, click on the globe icon which will link to the URL you have entered.

To edit or update your short URL (name and/or URL) you can click on the pencil icon.

This will create a pop-up where you can make the necessary changes:

To delete your Short URL, click on the cross icon.

To view a detailed report of your Short URL, click on the report icon.

This will take you to a new page that shows a graph of your clicks, and a list of numbers, contact list names, click times, country of click etc.

You will also be shown options to download the report, either via CSV or PDF.

You can also create new contact lists based on the numbers that did click or the numbers that did not click.

If you have any queries or need any assistance with the Short URL report module, please get in touch today.

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