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Track clicks on URLs I have sent out

Track clicks on URLs I have sent out

When you add a short URL to your SMS messages, it might be within your interest to see who has clicked on the URL and how many times.

To find this information, click ‘Reports’ on the left side of your dashboard. Then click ‘Short URL’. Here, you will be presented with a window that includes all your sent Short URLs.

You can filter your URLs by changing the method of which they were sent, or amending whether they were tracked or not.

You can also click on the eye symbol, under actions on the right of each report, to see in depth when clicks on the short URLs were made. Using this option also allows the report to be downloaded.

There is also the option to create a contact list from the numbers that have clicked on the short URL and those numbers that haven’t clicked on the short URL.

To manage your short URLs, click ‘Settings’ > ‘Short URL’.

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