Security, Privacy & Terms

Security, Privacy & Terms

GDPR Right to be forgotten

If you do not wish for clients or recipients information to be stored on our portal, you can ask the system to ‘Autoforget’. However, by doing so, you will have to re-enter this information each time to send an SMS. Our VOODOO SMS system is set to ‘never’ forget information by default. If you wish to amend this setting, follow these simple steps: 1. Click ‘Settings’ on the left side of your dashboard. 2. Click ‘Auto forget data’. 3. Read the important information section before amendin

Sustainability Policy

Vision “We can do better by our planet.” Principles We are committed to the following principles: Leadership: We practise what we preach Transparency: We are open about the goals we have reached and those we have yet to reach Integrity: Our decisions are informed by the values we espouse Accountability: Every individual is accountable for their words, their actions, and their results Environmental Stewardship: We understand that our duty to the planet springs from our temporary residence

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? A CSR policy defines how a business regulates itself in order to ensure that its activities have an overall positive impact on society. It tries to ensure that a company is working ethically. Businesses should meet and ideally exceed the requirements of any relevant legislation. Should legislation not exist for a company’s sphere of operations, the company should endeavour to follow best practices anyway. At VOODOO® we believe CSR is not virtue

Privacy Policy

Controllers of Personal Information Privacy Policy Any personal information provided to VOODOO is controlled primarily by Bulk SMS Ltd. 1. Personal Data is any data that identifies you or your account. The personal data which you supply to us must be true, complete and accurate in all respects and you agree to notify us immediately of any changes to that information within VOODOO. We will deal with your personal data in compliance with the current UK data protection legis

Terms of Service

You can find our terms of service here

Data Protection and Retention Policy

Discover our Data & Record Retention Policy

Data Processing Agreement

A. This agreement is supplemental to any other separate agreement entered into between the parties and introduces further contractual provisions to ensure the Controller and the Processor comply with their respective obligations under the GDPR in respect of the data processing. B. Article 81 and Article 28 of the GDPR place certain obligations upon a Controller to ensure that the Processor it engages under the terms of this agreement provides sufficient guarantees in terms of: i) expert knowled

Customer Responsibilities

An easy guide to help you to get the most from your SMS campaigns, and still stay within the legal framework.

Service Level Agreement

This agreement is between Bulk SMS Ltd and its subsidiaries, and the Customer using Bulk SMS’s messaging platform. For SLA affecting details not mentioned in this agreement, common sense and professional business ethics are expected from both parties. 1. Bulk SMS Support Contact Details The Customer may always contact Bulk SMS’s Customer Support by phone or by email, should you have any technical questions and/or need technical support related to the service(s) provided. Bulk SMS’s telephone C