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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


“We can do better by our planet.”


We are committed to the following principles:

Leadership: We practise what we preach

Transparency: We are open about the goals we have reached and those we have yet to reach

Integrity: Our decisions are informed by the values we espouse

Accountability: Every individual is accountable for their words, their actions, and their results

Environmental Stewardship: We understand that our duty to the planet springs from our temporary residence on it.

Important Issues

All businesses face multiple challenges and opportunities. We as an organisation have prioritised the following issues: Inclusion and diversity; climate change; equality of opportunity and outcome; and financial solvency.

Our Commitment & Scope

We expect our employees and external contractors to live the values and principles laid out in this policy to the fullest extent possible. We expect and encourage them to inform management of any barriers to achieving our and their stated objectives.

We understand that we have limited influence over our external suppliers and customers. Though we cannot control the decisions these parties make, we commit to informing them of our policy, and we further commit to encouraging them to align their own operating practices with its objectives.

Our commitment to environmental, social, and economic responsibility means we will strive to voluntarily exceed legal requirements in order to enable progress on the issues that are important to us and to our stakeholders. We will continually inspect and adapt our approach using evidence-driven methods,  and assess how our words and our actions build a better world for our employees, customers, and suppliers.


  1. Minimise environmental impacts of energy consumption
    Reduce energy consumption in our offices by 1% annually, regardless of headcount change
  2. Ensure that our suppliers and partners have responsible social and environmental policies and practices in place
    Percentage of suppliers/partners who meet minimum sustainability guidelines: 75% to be compliant
  3. Create, and encourage the use of, recycling facilities
    All offices to have recycling capabilities; reduce waste to landfill to zero by 2025


We will report publicly on our progress against these goals annually.
We will conduct quarterly internal senior reviews.

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