Send SMS

Send SMS

How to Stagger or Batch send SMS

If you are sending an SMS to an extensive amount of contacts, you may want to consider batch sending to prevent overloading usage on your website. To do so, you must turn on the advanced feature setting when sending an SMS. This is found below the SMS box. Once clicked, the message below will appear. Edit this to your personal preference and click send SMS. You can also enable ‘Quiet times’. This can be done in the ‘Settings’ section on the left side of your dashboard.

Send a Unicode SMS

You can enliven your messages by including Unicode! We provide a service where Unicode is automatically enabled, and we inform you that you have used it prior to sending any SMS messages. Unicode is available to use on our WebSMS, Quick Web SMS and our API. CAN I USE EMOJIS? Yes! An emoji is technically a Unicode character, so yes, they can be used when composing your messages. You can either type your own emoji, or choose one from our selection: click on the icon below your message.DOE

UTM Source: How to Track SMS Clicks in Google Analytics

This article covers using UTM source in your links to enhance the ROI and clicks within your text messages and website analytics


An overview of the WebSMS module

Dynamic Messages

A simple guide on how to send a dynamic message through the Web SMS module.

Advanced Features

A guide to the Advanced Features on the WebSMS module

Repeat WebSMS

Here you can find how to set up and use the Repeat WebSMS feature

Short URL

A guide on how to insert a Short URL into your WebSMS

Static Message

A simple guide on using the Static Message box on the WebSMS module

Inserting an Opt Out

Here is a guide on how to insert an opt out into your WebSMS message