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Short URL

The short URL feature is a great tool that allows you to condense your URL into a shortened form to save characters in the body of your message. When creating your Web SMS to include a short URL you need to click on the box shown below:

Once clicked on, a popup will appear and ask you to input the URL you would like shortened. You can also choose whether to have the URL made trackable or not.

  • Trackable - When an SMS is sent with a short URL, if the tracked option is used, you will be able to see which numbers clicked on the link, and which did not via the report module.
  • Not Tracked - As it sounds, this means the link won’t be tracked and won’t show in the reports.

Once you happy, click create and you will be given three examples of the links that have been generated:

As you can see, there are three options and also the options to test the link, edit the link or delete it. Once you’ve chosen which link you want to use you simply hit ‘Insert Link into SMS

Once inserted it will show in the message box, you can then fit your message around it to suit your requirements:

Please note that if you are using both a static and dynamic message, you will need to copy the short URL into the other tab.

It is also worth noting that you should not copy a tracked short URL from a previous Web SMS into a new one, as it will not work.

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