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Inserting an Opt Out

Inserting an Opt Out

Within the WebSMS module we have created an easy to use Opt-Out service that can be added into any message you create.

Once you have created the message in the Static or Dynamic box you will see there is an option to ‘Insert Opt-Out’

Once you click on this you will be presented with a pop-up with the following options:

Web Stop

Using the Web Stop option will allow you to insert a link into your message, if you click on the Web Stop option it will present you with a new pop-up with the option to insert the link:

Simply click on the highlighted box and it will insert the link into the Static/Dynamic box.

Text Back

If you choose to use the Text Back option it will present you with a similar pop-up and it present you with two text options to insert:

If you click on either of the highlighted links, it will insert the text into the message for you. Any customer that chooses to use the opt out option will be added to your Blacklist.

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