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Send an SMS to a Contact List

Send an SMS to a Contact List

You need to enable this feature first.

You can do this here.

Switch on Email to SMS to enable it. If you want to receive notifications after each SMS is sent, you can enable Email to SMS Confirmation. This will send you an email letting you know your messages have been successful or not.

You need to set up the email address that you want to send from. You can add as many emails as you require.

Click + EMAIL

Add your email address and a name, which is used for recognition purposes. You can also add open Show Advanced Features and see some extra options.

Default Country Code: If you're just sending to one country, set this to that country.
Quiet Times: Set up your quiet times for sending your SMS
Truncate Sender ID: This prevents you from going over the maximum 11 characters.
Replace Sender ID: No matter what you put in the subject field, this will replace it.
Alternative Failure Email: As well as sending failure alert emails to your main account, you can have them send to an alternative email.
End of SMS Marker: You can cut off the messages in your body by using specifying specific symbols. By default the symbols are ## . A use case for this would be to put it after your message and before your email signature so that the signature doesn't get send with the SMS, increasing your body count.
Truncate Body: The default SMS size is 160 characters per credit. You can send up to 960 characters (costing multiple credits) but if you go over this, the message will fail. If you enable this, the message will truncate up to the 960 limit.
Auto Remove Invalid Characters: This is enabled by default. It will remove all invalid characters from your message, preventing it from not sending out.

Everything will now be set up.

Now you need to set up a Contact List and insert the numbers you want to send to. Click here for guides on how to set up Contact Lists.

When you have your list, and on your Contact Lists click the arrow next to the name and this will expand with further info.

Here you will see your Contact List ID.

Keep this ID handy as you'll need it later.

Now open up your email client and compose a new email. Make sure you're sending from the email address you used to set up E2S.

In the From: field, you would send an email to an address like so

Here's a breakdown:

c - You must always prefix your ID with the letter c so we know to send it to this Contact List.
42936 - This is the ID of your Contact List - this is our E2S domain that must be used

In the Subject: field, you can add your Sender ID. This must be > 4 and <= 11 characters. Anything over or under these will result in the message not sending. You can use the truncating features in the Advanced Features mentioned above to avoid this.

In the Body: field, this is the body of your SMS. Remember, you can use ## (or whatever you chose) to cut off the body to the SMS is not too long.

Hit Send and the numbers in your Contact List should now get your SMS.

Using this method via the API

Do you want to be able to do this via the API too? No problem, you can! Just replace the dest parameter with c<id> and your messages will get sent to the numbers in your Contact List

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