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How much does VOODOO cost?

How much does VOODOO cost?

At VOODOO SMS, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive pricing in the UK.

It is completely free to create and subscribe to an account, and we provide you with 25 free credits when you sign up- so you can try before you buy!

Our pricing structure

1 SMS message to a UK mobile number = 1 credit (160 characters).

Longer SMS messages can be sent by using multiple credits.

The maximum amount of credits that can be sent in 1 SMS is 14 (2,142 characters).

We operate a pay-as-you-go service, where you purchase your credits as and when you need them (and they never expire!). The prices of the credits vary depending on the volume you wish to purchase:

Credit amounts Price per credit

1 - 50,000  2.9p (£0.029)

50,001 - 1M  2.2p (£0.022)

1M +  1.74p (£0.0174)

For example: send 10 SMS messages for 10 credits (1 credit per message), for only 29p!

Seasonal offers and promotions are available throughout the year. Click here to see if we have any today and use our online calculator.

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