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100% Direct Routes & Price Match Guarantee

100% UK White Routes - Guaranteed

Unlike some bulk SMS providers, Voodoo SMS is committed to only using direct UK connections: white routes. It means your messages will only ever be sent through UK main Mobile Network Operators. Better for your security; better for your delivery rates.

Voodoo SMS ONLY ever uses direct connect routes (OR YOUR MONEY BACK!)

2-Way Messaging

For 2-way messaging through our system you will need a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) or a keyword on our shortcode.

Per Year
Keyword on Shared Shortcode
Set-up Cost: £0
Per Month
Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)
Set-up Cost: £0

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Why Choose Us?


Pricing is a big factor for most companies, our pricing is extremely competitive. We know this from extensive price comparisons we regularly undertake, and we guarantee we can beat any like-for-like offering in the UK. And all done without compromising on quality.

So how can we do this? The simple answer is that we are a flexible, lean and dynamic organisation carrying very little overhead. We don't have fancy London offices, and we don't have to pay expensive licensing fees as we have developed our product in-house. So we can still offer super-low pricing, a quality service, and still make a profit. You win, we win.


Why compromise on quality when you can enjoy best quality at the lowest price? We use direct connections to UK mobile network operators only, otherwise known as “white routes”. Some of our competitors may advertise better pricing but they may not be using direct routes which seriously compromises quality and security.



You are more than a number to us. Our business model largely relies on referrals, and it is our refreshing attitude to this that has brought us new customers, and allowed us to retain old friends. We see our relationship with our customers as a strategic partnership - if you are successful, we will also benefit from that success.

Our customers can also rest assured that the service we provide is rigorously carried out, as demonstrated by our ISO 9001 accreditation. Our quality policy can be viewed here.

Our UK based Account Managers are available via phone and email Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm. 24/7 support is available via ticket or email 365 days a year. Now that’s service!


Unlike many of our competitors, we are still an IT company at heart, and our IT guys love a challenge! We've developed a really powerful API that can connect with any application or programme. It can be viewed here. We are extremely flexible compared to our competitors and will build our service around you, rather than you around it.

We are a platform built around customer suggestions and feedback, so if you do have any great ideas or need a bespoke solution, don’t hesitate to ask us!


We have invested a lot of time and energy into making sure our infrastructure is the most reliable that can be found. Our servers are hosted in multiple locations by UKFast, behind Cisco firewalls and our website has an extended SSL certificate. As well as being really techie, we are very conscientious as well, having a carbon neutral website.


We understand that you are entrusting us with a key component of your business when uploading your customer data - a responsibility we take very seriously. Due to the nature of some of our public sector clients, and through sending a lot of security alerts, we have jumped through many hoops to become the most secure provider we can possible be. You can check out how we have done this in more detail here. If you have any concerns with regards to security, or just want to ascertain our security credentials please contact us

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Compared to our competitors, Voodoo SMS will give an average saving of 45%

Price per Credit Saving Using Voodoo SMS Free Reply Number? Free unsubscribe Do Credits Expire?
Voodoo SMS 3.2p No
Glover Sure 7.0p 51% n/a -
2 SMS 10.0p 66% Yes -
Red SMS 4.5p 24% Yes more info
Mediaburst 5.0p 32% n/a -
SMS2Email 12.0p 72% Yes -
Text Anywhere 4.9p 31% n/a more info
AQL 12.0p 71% Yes -
Kapow 6.5p 48% Yes -
IntelliSMS 4.8p 29% No -
Esendex 7.0p 51% Yes -
Intellisoftware 7.0p 51% No -
Fast SMS 3.5p 3% No more info
Boom SMS 8.0p 57% Yes -
Bulk SMS 5.5p 38% No -
Average saving 45%

Reasons to Use Voodoo SMS Bulk Text Messaging

What separates us from our competitors is that we have researched the SMS market, spoken to users, listened to companies and devised a platform that is a capable, state of the art system that has no hidden charges, no contracts, no minimum amounts and no expiry dates

We offer some of the best pricing available in the UK with full UK account management and support. We believe that's almost impossible to beat, but if you think you've found better, we would welcome the challenge.

We don't waste your credits, we save you money. We have made you and your business our priority.

What you can expect from us:

No tie in contract
No hidden charges or fees
FREE Trial Credits
Never beaten on price
UK based team

Thousands of customers can't be wrong...