Bespoke Solutions

Our motive is to provide simple solutions for text message marketing with all the latest features such as delivery reports, API access and short codes - suitable for businesses of any size. Combine our service offering with the industry's most competitive pricing together with our team of text experts, and we believe that Bulk SMS Limited has the winning formula.

However, we know that not every two customers are the same, that is why we offer bespoke solutions. Our talented in-house development team allows us to be responsive and flexible to the needs of our customers.

FREE Advice

We will offer you FREE advice and assistance where you have a technical issue with the integration of our Voodoo SMS platform with your website or system.

Technical Requirement

You may have a technical requirement that sits outside our existing solution. We promise to appraise the viability of your requirement, then find an optimal solution


We are continually improving our Voodoo SMS platform features, thus it is ever-evolving


We design the system, you use it. So drop us some feedback (good and bad), and we can build that into our development plan