Feature Rich SMS Platform

We're very proud of all the features that our platform offers. We're not really ones to shout about it though, and have been guilty of developing and launching new products and not telling anyone about them

We have such a feature-rich platform that it's actually difficult to detail them on one page, so we'll just touch on some of the key functionalities here. Every customer has a different requirement, so contact our team on 01484 599311 if you wish to discuss how we can tailor our platform to meet your specific needs.

Feature Rich SMS Platform

SMS Features

The key functionality of any SMS platform is the ability to send text messages. We offer a number of methods to send SMS via our platform, including:

Campaign-based Messaging (WebSMS)
Upload your contacts to our secure platform and then create a WebSMS Campaign to message your contacts. This can be scheduled for a future date or sent immediately. More details can be found here.

Integrate your platform, website, CRM or solution with either our powerful RESTful API, HTTP API or Webhooks. More details can be found here.

Email to SMS
Use our email to trigger an SMS to be sent. Using email features (such as the email address, subject and email body), we're able to translate these to send an SMS to a mobile number via our servers. More details can be found here.

Emergency Notification (Cascade SMS)
In partnership with a number of high profile clients, we have built a bespoke facility to communicate with a large number of staff in emergency situations by triggering a single text message that is able to instantly deliver to thousands of staff.


The VOODOO SMS platform has many features to handle inbound text messages - from basic inbox facilities to advanced actions - that can be automatically triggered when an inbound message is received, including:

Auto Response
Automatically reply to an inbound SMS with a preset response such as "Thank you for your enquiry, a member of our team will be in touch shortly"

Forward via Email
Forward the inbound SMS to an email address; you have the ability to build an email template and forward the information within the inbound SMS

Forward via SMS
Forward the inbound SMS to specified mobile number(s) and pass though the information received

Make an API Call
Forward the inbound SMS and its related information to an API address, specified by you We have an additional 12 actions (and counting!) that can be added, and more details can be found by discussing your needs with a member of our team on 01484 599 311.


When using the VOODOO SMS platform, you are able to specify who the SMS is sent from; this feature is called Sender ID. SMS technology allows you to specify a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters. In the UK, we allow you to type these ‘on the-fly’ or save Sender IDs as default so it's easier for recurring use.
You're also able to specify a numeric Sender ID for 2-way messaging that allows a response to a virtual Mobile Number (VMN) or your own mobile number (if authorised). More information about Sender IDs can be found here.


As we only send SMS via direct routes, we are able to provide you the reports from the delivery statistics of your SMS sent. This will report on the delivered, failed and rejected messages. In addition, our platform provides you with reporting functionality such as the URL tracking (to establish who clicked your links and custom reports for specific data sets). Please see our reports section for more details.


We are one of very few SMS providers giving you the ability to utilise Emojis & Unicode encoding within the body of your SMS. This allows you to send messages in many foreign alphabets and using special characters outside of the standard GSM character set.


While our main market is the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, our platform actually has the ability to send text messages to more than 200 international destinations across the world. To discuss and enable these destinations, please contact our team of specialists who will be able to assist you with the specific destinations regarding local regulations and pricing. More details can be found here.