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Account Management

What truly sets Voodoo SMS apart from our competitors is our unparalleled focus on customer service. Many companies aim to win your business, and then leave you to it. This can be quite disconcerting, especially where there may be technical issues arising.

We offer FULL UK support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And no premium rate numbers for you to ring either. We offer a local rate helpline, and promise that our team won't speak geek to you, but in terms that will help you and your business.

We also have an in house development team. This means we can tackle any technical requirements that you may have when integrating Voodoo SMS with your own website or CRM. This flexibility means we can handle requests that other bulk SMS providers would often have to refuse.

We also offer a FREE managed service to our customers. This means - at no additional cost - one of our team can upload your contact list and schedule your Web SMS. All you have to do is prepare your Web SMS message, and ensure that your account has enough credits. While we encourage our customers to manage their own campaigns - after all you know your business better than anyone - this facility is open to all customers. No-one else in the UK offers this unique customer-focused service!