Inexperienced marketers often cause something known as the 'tsunami effect'. This is where a large campaign is sent out, with all contacts receiving text messages simultaneously.

While our robust system can easily cope with large volumes, the sender may be unable to deal with a large number of calls to its call centres or website. Think of 10,000 customers receiving an SMS simultaneously, and even 10% calling you immediately. Enough to disable perhaps even the biggest call centres…

To ensure your business interruption is minimised without compromising on sales conversion, our Voodoo SMS platform allows you to phase your Web sms, with the ability for you to customise the volume and time intervals to meet your capacity.

An example would be to send out a web sms to 10,000 customers, and customise your web sms so it sends out 500 every 30 minutes over several days. This can allow you to cope with the responses (nothing worse than a missed sales enquiry!), and yet still hit all of your customers. A marketer's dream.

You are also able to schedule when you want the web sms to be sent. Rather than send immediately, you can simply choose the time and date within the next 12 months that you want the message to be sent out