50% FREE Credit Offer

New customers making their first purchase (on standard pricing) will automatically receive 50% free credits when purchasing up to 10,000 Credits.

e.g. purchase 10,000 credits at £0.038 = £380 and we'll add 5,000 credits free making the total purchase of 15,000 credits at £380. This equates to £0.253 per credit. All prices are plus VAT (where applicable).

Purchased credits including those received on the 50% free offer will never expire.

Free Credit Expiration

Free credits redeemed through any means other than the 50% Free Credit Offer will expire after 30 days of their issue. Free credits are not transferable to any other account. Where Purchased Credits exist in an account, those purchased credits will be used before the free credits. Purchased credits do not expire.**

Other Seasonal Offers

Any Free Credit redeemed against a purchase will be valid for the lifetime of the account, including other Seasonal Offers.**

**VOODOO reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification.

Purchased credits will NEVER expire.