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SMS Marketing for Business:

A Consumer Insight 2017

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The Survey

We hosted a survey to 2,000 consumers in May 2017 to understand in great detail, how consumers use their mobile phone and how they perceive the effectiveness of both text message and email marketing to be in engaging them in today's digital world.

The survey, in which only 3% of those questioned don't own a mobile phone, strengthens concern and confusion over how businesses can prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 18th May 2018, because the results show that 75% of respondents are not willing to 'opt-in' to future marketing communications.

In this survey you'll also learn that: 

  • 15% read a text messages in less than 60 seconds of receiving it, and over half (54%) read it between 1-5 minutes of delivery
  • 64% take longer than 5 minutes to read an email
  • 75% would not opt in to receiving future marketing from their 10 favourite online retailers
  • 56% have willingly given their mobile number to a business
  • 19% did, but only when incentivised to do so
  • 60% are more likely to read a text message from a business than an email

This survey could really help shape your future Marketing Strategy.