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    We know how valuable each character is in an SMS text message so we have created a tool that shortens URL's and not only that, each recipient get their own URL so you can see who clicked the link!

    How Short URLs Work

    When you create your link, Voodoo SMS converts it into it’s own unique link that’s hosted on our server and domain, vsms.co - The goal is to make a longer URL shorter! Every Voodoo SMS account includes this feature for free.

    How Do I create a Short URL?

    To create a link, simply create a Broadcast or QuickSMS text message and click on the “Add Short URL” button below the message area.

    How Does the Tracking work?

    When a short URL is generated we count the number of times it is clicked and this is available in the Reports area of your account, but this is not all...

    Counting the clicks gives you an idea of conversion but if you select 'Link Tracking' when using the short URL feature in a broadcast we will generate a unique link for every contact! What this means is that we will tell you WHO clicked the link and you can even create a new contact list for these customers to send a new broadcast to!