Nomophobia - Is it the biggest phobia in the world?

Nomophobia - Is it the biggest phobia in the world?

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Jun 17, 2014

Let us have a look at some of the facts and figures before we talk about nomophobia or in other words no-mobile-phone-phobia. 

  • People check their cell phones around 34 times a day, and often take it into the bathroom with them.
  •  A survey carried out five years back reveals that 53% of people admit to the phobia.
  • Running out of battery, losing response or sight of your phone are the fears included.

Some may think that this isn’t classed as a phobia, and is just an over exaggeration.
Either way, the 66% of those being with their phones at all times are dealing with this obsession that takes up every waking minute.

How would you know that you are suffering from nomophobia

If you aren’t sure if you are suffering from nomophobia, please take note of these vital signs:

  • Feeling unable to turn your mobile phone off.
  • Checking for your texts, missed calls and emails obsessively.
  • Topping up the battery of your mobile phone constantly.
  • Not being able to go to the bathroom without your phone.

Studies show that in 2008 53% of people accepted that they are afraid of losing their phone. Yet recent studies on 1000 people carried out in the UK shows that 66% of those people felt the fear. People who fall in the age group of 18-24 tend to be the most addicted to their mobile phones. Out of them 77% are unable to stay away from their mobile phones for more than a few minutes while those aged 25-34 followed at 68%. You can see the vast difference between five years ago, and today.

The study showed that 75% of people use mobile phones in the bathroom and on average cell phones are checked 34 times a day. The use of mobile phones in the bathroom is being considered as the modern equivalent of newspapers. Other findings tell us that 49% of people get upset if their text messages are viewed by a partner, but they don’t bother about securing their phones. However, 46% use some kind of lock code, 10% add encryption to the data and 58% of the respondents use one device for business use and one device for personal use.

The co-founder of SecurEnvoy, Andy Kemshall said, “The first study into nomophobia, which was conducted four years ago, revealed that 53% of people suffered from the condition and our study reveals this has now risen to 66% in the UK and shows no sign of abating.
'A reversal on the 2008 findings is that, back then, it was men that were more afflicted yet today it's women.
'I'd be inclined to draw the conclusion that, perhaps because more men have two phones, they're less likely to misplace both and therefore be left phone-less.”


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