25 ready-made healthcare templates for a strong patient communication strategy

25 ready-made healthcare templates for a strong patient communication strategy

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May 7, 2024

When it comes to our health, we all want to feel as in control as possible. That’s why more than a third of patients have said that they would prefer to self-manage their medical affairs digitally - such as through an online portal - rather than speak with someone.

We’re seeing more and more that letters and phone calls are being reduced in favour of appointment reminders, alerts, and other important notifications through channels like SMS. Not only would you benefit from some of the highest open rates on the market at 98%, but also instant delivery and secure communication.

If you’re wondering how to integrate SMS into your current patient comms strategy, here are 25 ready-made text templates to start you off:

25 text templates for the healthcare industry

Appointment reminders

A simple confirmation:

Hi [Name],

Please see your appointment confirmation:

[DATE] at [TIME].

You can rearrange by ringing the practice on [number] if you need to cancel or reschedule.

A simple reminder:

Hello [NAME], you have an appointment on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time.

Encourage a response:

Hi [NAME], your appointment with [DOCTOR NAME] is on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please confirm by replying with Y or N to reschedule.

Organise response by link:

Hi [NAME], you have an appointment today with [DOCTOR NAME] at [TIME]. Need to make any changes?

You can manage your appointment online here [LINK]

For new patients:

Hi [NAME], you have an appointment today with [DOCTOR].

Please fill out our new patient form prior to your arrival: [LINK]

Call us on [NUMBER] if you have any questions.

Opt-in confirmation

A simple confirmation:

Hello [NAME], you’ve successfully signed up to receive updates from [PRACTICE NAME].

Add a link:

Hi [NAME], thank you for signing up to receive SMS updates from us. We’ll be sending you all the latest offers and resources.

Want to opt out? [LINK]

Opt-out confirmation

A short confirmation:

You have successfully unsubscribed from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]’s SMS updates.

Add personalisation:

Hi [NAME], just confirming that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from receiving our text messages. We’re sorry to see you go!

Test results

A short alert:

Your test results are now ready. Please call this number for an update [NUMBER]

Add a link:

Hi [NAME], your test results are now available on our portal: [LINK] Please call the practice if you have any questions. [NUMBER]

Add a resource:

Hello [NAME], your test results are now ready. Please get in touch to discuss your results.

You might also find this guide on superfood-rich recipes for iron deficiency helpful too. [LINK]

Survey request

Following up from an appointment:

Hi [NAME], please could you take a minute to answer our short survey and let us know how you found your appointment experience with us on [DATE]?

We’re committed to improving our services, thank you.

Following up on an appointment no-show:

You did not attend your appointment with [DOCTOR] on the [DATE].

Please follow this link to update our records or reschedule [LINK]


Screening invitation:

[NAME], it’s time for your [CONDITION] screening. Please call the practice to book an appointment with us.

Reminder to book a recurring appointment:

Hi [NAME], it’s time for your quarterly [APPOINTMENT] check-up. Click here to book: [LINK]

Inactive patient invitation:

It’s been [NUMBER] months since your last appointment, [NAME]. Book your next appointment with us soon here:[LINK]

Preventative treatment promotion:

Hi [NAME], the days are getting longer, hotter and brighter. When was the last time you had a skin cancer screening? Make a preventative appointment today with [DOCTOR NAME]!

Event promotion:

We’re holding a drop-in session at [PRACTICE] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Come along and share your concerns with our service or healthcare in general. Together, we can find a solution!


Hi [NAME], if you know anyone that’s looking for a new [DOCTOR/DENTIST ETC], refer them to us and you’ll receive [INCENTIVE].

Service update

Closure reminder:

Please note that our practice is closed today for [HOLIDAY]. We will open on [DATE] at [TIME].

Opening hours reminder:

Hi [NAME], just an update regarding our opening hours for [HOLIDAY]. Our team will be available on [DAYS] at [TIME].

Thank you.

Loyalty promotion

Happy holidays, [NAME]! As a little thank you for being a loyal customer with us for all these years, get [% DISCOUNT] off all [TREATMENTS] until [DATE].

Marketing promotion

[NAME], do you suffer from [CONDITION]? If so, get [% DISCOUNT] on [TREATMENT]. Call us today for a free consultation! Offer valid until [DATE]


Hi [NAME], thinking about [TREATMENT]? Our records show that you might be an ideal candidate. Book your free consultation with us today: [NUMBER]

Enhance patient engagement with SMS

From reducing appointment no-shows to offering a better patient experience, SMS can help you communicate more directly and efficiently. Have more memorable interactions with your patients and benefit from personalisation that will improve their experience with your practice.

Automated SMS features could be the key to delivering more positive patient experiences and freeing up time for your healthcare professionals.

Want to learn more about how SMS from Voodoo could help enhance patient satisfaction and save time and resources for your practice?

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