SMS And E-commerce

SMS And E-commerce

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Jun 14, 2014

You can expect a boost in on-site metrics, customer retention rates and sales from the very moment you begin promoting your new text service with bulk SMS on your side. Sending Bulk SMS is simply the process of disseminating large volumes of SMS messages to a specific audience for the owners of e-commerce websites. The targeted audience is usually the active customers including those who have opted-in to an SMS list that was promoted on the website when they first registered. Even the smallest improvement in conversion ratios can have a great impact on your business. As an online seller, your aim is to use BULK SMS to improve the conversion rates across all of the key areas. Sellers use different online tactics or social media for conversion but the most practical and advanced of them all is sending Bulk SMS.

How can Bulk messaging improve On-Site Conversions?  

  • You can improve your customer service with bulk messages as your customers can text you if they have any queries.
  • You can retain customers and persuade them to purchase more products by sending bulk messages offering promotions and discounts to encourage shoppers to buy more.
  •  Another way to improve on-site conversions is to increase payment security with two-factor authentication. A special code will be sent to the customers mobile phone before their payment is accepted, thereby reducing the chances of theft or credit card fraud. This means that payment will only be allowed to go through by the customers if a one time pin is entered into the system. This protects them from hackers.   

Voodoo SMS are the bulk messaging specialist in the UK who understand an online seller’s marketing needs and cater to them with efficient bulk messaging services.

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