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SMS Text Message Notification for Magento 2

Magento has rolled out the next generation of their hugely popular digital commerce platform: Magento 2. This heralds a new era of ecommerce, promising an engaging and personal shopping experience. With Voodoo SMS, you can now amplify this experience.


VoodooSMS are proud to offer the first SMS extension purposely designed to integrate with the new Magento 2.0 platform..

We offer a comprehensive and powerful extension that enables you to send text messages to your customers or administrators at various 'touchpoints' in your Magento customer's journey.

SMS adds to the 'feel good' experience for any customer choosing to shop at your Magento store. From notifications that an order has been received and dispatched, to follow-up '˜Thank You' texts and special offers, SMS engages, retains and deepens the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Better still, the Voodoo SMS Magento 2.0 extension is FREE. No integration costs, no monthly fee and no minimum spend required. You simply pay for sent text messages.

With some of the lowest prices on the market, we're confident that the Voodoo SMS extension can add untold value to your Magento store.

It's time to take control of Magento 2.0. Search '˜Voodoo SMS' in the Magento Connect extension store today.

Main Features

  • Set Sender ID for SMS (The text will appear from "Your Store")
  • Send SMS to customers, or your staff (Admin Notifications) for various events, including:
    • Checkout Completion
    • When an order is set, or released from Hold
    • When an Order is Cancelled
    • When an Order is Shipped
  • Customise SMS Templates for each event
  • You can include Custom Variables in the SMS Templates such as:
    • Order ID
    • Personalisation, such as First Name
    • Tracking References
    • Many other Order Variables
  • Notifications to Multiple Admin Numbers

How it Works

Why Use VoodooSMS
For Ecommerce

  • Incredibly easy user interface
  • Helpful support team always on hand
  • One of the cheapest providers in the UK
  • Beautifully smooth integration
  • SMS is terrifically personal, and more meaningful to customers than an email
  • Fast
  • Professional