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Zapier SMS Integration

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Zapier SMS & Zapier Text Message Integration

Voodoo SMS have many integrations with shopping carts and CRMs but it's a time consuming task to integrate each and every one. The Voodoo SMS Zapier integration connects 700+ apps to your Voodoo SMS account.

Using "Zaps" you can configure triggers and actions that allows your apps to communicate with each other. For example, if you receive an email in Gmail, send a text message to your mobile. The former is the trigger and the latter is the action.

There are 700+ apps that Zapier has integrated with meaning there are hundreds of apps that can now use SMS notifications using the Voodoo SMS Zapier integration.


How it works?

If you don’t have a Zapier account already, you can sign up for one here

You will also need a Voodoo SMS account to manage your credit balance. You can sign up for a free account here, with no contract, tie-ins or hidden fees. Once you have an account with Voodoo SMS, you need to locate your API username and password which can be found once logged into the portal at 'Send SMS > API Management' You will need to enter these details once in Zapier.

Head to your Zapier account and search for the VoodooSMS module .Once VoodooSMS is added to your apps, start creating your Zap by selecting the application you want to pair with VoodooSMS and choosing the trigger, then set the action that you want Voodoo SMS to take. It is that simple!

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What does this mean?

You can create Zaps to alert you via SMS when you receive an email, when a new lead is created in your CRM, when you have a calendar alert and much more - as long as there is a Zapier app, you can connect with Voodoo SMS and configure what SMS you want to be sent after which trigger.

The connection and automation of your business apps will be a game-changer in the way that you carry out everyday activities. With Zapier's streamlined integration and Voodoo SMS' powerful SMS platform, the opportunities are endless!

Example Zaps

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