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    Choose Us, Not Them!

    At Voodoo SMS, we pride ourselves on combining quality service and low pricing. So why choose us over all other bulk messaging companies?

  • Price

    Pricing is a big factor for most companies, our pricing is the lowest in the UK - FACT! We know this from extensive price comparisons we regularly undertake, and we guarantee we can beat any like-for-like offering in the UK. And all done without compromising on quality.

    So how can we do this? The simple answer is that we are a young, lean and dynamic organisation carrying very little overhead. We don't have fancy London offices, and we don't have to pay expensive licensing fees as we have developed our product in-house. So we can still offer super-low pricing, a quality service, and still make a profit. You win, we win.

  • Quality

    The one thing we will never compromise on is quality. We use only 'direct connect' routing, meaning your message will always be sent directly via the networks.

    Some of our competitors are attempting to compete on price with us, but offering 'grey' routes - usually through non-UK providers. This type of route bypasses the destination operator's SMSC (Short Message Service Center), resulting in lower delivery rates, long delivery time (known as latency or lag) and poorer communication.

    So why compromise on quality when you can enjoy best quality at the lowest price? The benefits of Voodoo SMS routing:

    • Very high and reliable delivery rate.
    • Shortest latency as the SMS message arrives within a few seconds from sending
    • Detailed, real-time delivery status reports
    • Direct SMS connection will not be barred by the network operators
  • Service

    You are more than a number to us. Our business model largely relies on referrals, and it is our refreshing attitude to that has brought us new customers, and allowed us to retain old friends. We see our relationship with our customers as a strategic partnership - if you are successful, we will also benefit from that success.

  • Easy

    Bulk SMS essentially comprises of 3 things:

    1. Who to send the message to (Contact List)
    2. Where the message shows it comes from (Sender ID)
    3. The message itself

    We have consciously developed our platform to be very easy-to-use. You don't need to be super technical to use it, and it has been carefully designed to save you time and effort, but without compromising on functionality.

    And if you're still struggling, give us a call and one of our account managers will diligently navigate you through the process.

  • Bespoke

    Unlike many of our competitors, we are still an IT company at heart, and our IT guys love a challenge! We've had customers approach us with a particular problem in integrating their platform to our service after having being refused by our larger competitors, but we have invariably solved their issues.

    Similarly, if you have a particular requirement that our platform doesn't currently offer, we'd love to hear from you to see if we can incorporate it. We see our platform as an evolving tool, and if there is a commercial requirement for what you seek, it's also in our interests to keep our product current and relevant.

  • Infrastructure

    Our web and backup servers are of the highest quality, meaning we have less than 0.001% downtime. Our competitors in the sector would kill for reliability like that.

  • No oversell

    We are so confident of our product that we don't ask you to sign onerous and laborious contracts in an attempt to tie you in. Register, trial, top-up, use. Simple.

    We know you'll stay because of the combination of sterling service combined with a super-low price. If for some reason you wish to move your business elsewhere, contact us and we will happiliy return your unused credits, no quibble, no inquisition.

  • Trust

    We understand that you are entrusting us with a key component of your business when uploading your customer data - a responsibility we take very seriously. If you have any concerns with regards to security, or just want to ascertain our security credentials please contact us