The Black Friday Promotions are live at the time of promotion on the website.

  • VOODOO Black Friday Promotion will run until midnight on 29/11/2021 (Cyber Monday).
  • Offers are only applicable to customers purchasing at the standard rate of 2.9p per SMS credit that VOODOO offers.
  • Existing customers will be offered bespoke products/pricing/offers and service based on their current usage and pricing. Please login to your account to see these offers on the dashboard area. Promotional credits will be manually added once your purchase has been made
  • New Customers, or those registered who have not yet made their first purchase of credits with VOODOO are offered a promotion of 100% Free Credits based on the 1st credit purchase only. e.g. a purchase of 10,000 SMS credits will be offered an additional 10,000 SMS credits at the time of purchase.

e.g. purchase 10,000 credits at £0.029 = £290 and we'll add 10,000 credits free making the total purchase of 20,000 credits at £290. This equates to £0.0145p per credit. All prices are plus VAT (where applicable).

  • This offer only applies to new customers. Existing customers who create new accounts to take advantage of the offer will be excluded from this promotion.
  • If Black Friday promotional credits are not allocated automatically please forward a copy of the invoice to to redeem the offer and credits will be added manually for you
  • Any offer assigned to an account can only be redeemed once.
  • Purchased credits including those received free as a part of the Black Friday offer will never expire.