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    Sending Bulk SMS Text Messaging - What you need

    Sending Bulk SMS is easy, but if you’re not familiar, it might be daunting.

    To send a message to your contact you need the following

  • A Contact List

    This is who will receive your text message

  • A Sender ID

    This is who your message will appear from

  • A Message

    This is what your contact will receive

    You will also need to have enough credits in your account to cover the number of contacts you want to broadcast your message to.

    You can either send your broadcast immediately or you can schedule your broadcast for a certain time and day. Our Advanced features also allow you to send the broadcast in blocks of x every y minutes, allowing you to control the response to the broadcast.

    Dynamic Messages

    If you have sent email marketing campaigns before you are probably aware of the 'Mail Merge' feature. We have replicated this function in our SMS platform so you can personalise the text message that is sent to your
    customers by using the dynamic fields so that each customer receives an SMS that contains details specific to them (e.g. their name, account number, order number, appointment details, unique voucher code etc.)

    Having a personalised approach engages the customer more and improves the customer action rate.


    You can add contacts to your list in 3 ways

  • Manually

    From within your account you can quickly enter the contact's name and mobile number and select which list you would like to add them to. This is a good option when you want to add one or two numbers to a list.

  • Import

    Quickly upload a large group of contacts from a CSV document. The CSV can contain information such as forename, surname, account number, unique voucher codes etc. that can then be used in your dynamic messages. Our state of the art system will automatically remove all duplicate numbers meaning you won't incur additional costs for sending out multiple texts to the same number.

  • Opt-In

    Allow your customers to opt-in to your messages, we will then process the message and add the sender to that group. For example if your customer texts OFFERS to 88440 our system will add that sender to the 'Offers' group. By doing this you are building a list of people that are interested in receiving offers from you.


    Quick SMS

    We understand that time is precious. Occasionally, you may need to send a message from your business to just a couple of people immediately.

    Of course, you can still set up a normal broadcast. However, if you are pushed for time, you can use our Quick SMS facility.

    This feature is very effective where you are sending a message to a small contact list. Rather than upload a contact list, you can enter your contact number(s) manually in 447xxxxxxxxx format, separated by commas.

    It literally is as easy as 123...

  • Sender ID

    this is who your message will appear from

  • Send To

    this is who will your text message

  • Message

    this is what your contact will receive


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    Creating a Voodoo SMS account is 100% FREE and we even give you 25 FREE CREDITS so you can try our service. After that it is Pay As You Go so you only pay for what you use. There is no contract, no minimum top up and no expiry dates on your credits you purchase.

    Bulk Text Message Prices From Voodoo SMS

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  • Price Band Number of SMS Credit
    Purchased Between
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    A 1 9,999 3.3p 2.9p
    B 10,000 24,999 3.2p
    C 25,000 49,999 3.1p 2.8p
    D 50,000 99,999 3.0p 2.7p
    E 100,000 249,999 2.9p 2.6p
    F 250,000 499,999 2.7p 2.4p
    G 500,000 999,999 2.5p 2.2p
    H 1,000,000+ + 2.2p 1.9p

    How many credits would you like to purchase?

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