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Free SMS Modules for Magento eCommerce

We understand that you would much prefer to focus your time and energy on your eCommerce store which is undeniably your pride and joy. This is why Voodoo SMS Extension for Magento is so simple to use, as well as being extremely intelligent. The integration between Voodoo SMS and your store is as smooth as can be, too! Communication with your customers and store admins has never been easier, than with Voodoo SMS. Things will only get better too; Voodoo SMS will be regularly updating and evolving the service to be even more powerful.


Why Use Voodoo SMS for eCommerce:

  • Incredibly easy user interface
  • Helpful support team always on hand
  • One of the cheapest providers in the UK
  • Beautifully smooth integration
  • SMS is terrifically personal, and more meaningful to customers than an email
  • Fast
  • Professional


  • Set Sender ID for Notification Messages
  • Check the Remaining SMS Credits from the Extension
  • Customer SMS Opt-In Feature
  • Ability to Select Customer's Billing or Shipping Mobile for Notifications
  • Customer and Admin Notification when a New Order is Placed
  • Customer and Admin Notification when Order is On Hold
  • Customer and Admin Notification when Order is Unhold
  • Customer and Admin Notification when Order is Cancelled Fulfilled
  • Customer and Admin Notification when Order is Shipped
  • Option to set Custom Notification Message for Each Event
  • Notifications to Multiple Admin Numbers
  • Add Custom Variables like Order ID, First Name and Numerous Others!

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